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Prevent Tool Theft From Vans

Posted by Ben Gatenby on Wednesday, September 12, 2018 Under: Advice

Tool theft from vans is now almost at epidemic levels with constant posts being uploaded to social media on a daily basis. Tool theft has risen by 30% in the last year alone and unless something is done about it you can only imagine it will carry on rising. We regularly see the same type of break in techniques used over and over again so we’ve decided to provide tradesman with a few tips to help secure their livelihoods. All models of vans seem to have different issues with the manufactures own security meaning in some instances different techniques are used to break into different models of van. We won’t go into any detail about which entry methods work on which van in this post as to not publicise the specific weakness on each model.

1.      Lock the van! Sounds obvious right? So many vans are left unlocked whilst on site. This can happen for a number of reasons. Whilst unloading a van on site it can be tempting to leave the back open as your constantly going backwards and forwards doing short 30 -40 second trips. It only takes a thief a couple of seconds to grab something whilst your back is turned.

Incorrectly closed rear doors can mean when you use the central locking it won’t activate due to the door not been fully closed. Always test the doors to make sure they are fully locked. It’s easy for tools, stock or rubbish to get jammed in them and prevent proper closing.

Always lock it before walking away, It’s easy to think you will come back and lock it in a minute if your hands are full but it’s also easy to get distracted and forget, leaving the van unlocked for hours at a time.

Protecting the side door whilst parking.
 I’m sure most of you have heard of the “peel and steel technique” This technique involves bending the side door.  Parking as tight up to a wall as possible will ensure that the side door can’t be accessed. This would be very difficult to do whilst out and about during the day but may be possible whilst parked at your home or yard overnight.

Removing tools on a night time can be a royal pain when most tradesman have so many heavy tools. However you can’t steal tools from a van if there’s no tools to steel. Like any routine once you get into the habit it’s not that bad. At least remove the most high value and sacred tools on an evening. During the day obviously your tools need to be in the van so in this case a van vault is a worthwhile investment. Van vaults are bolted into the back of the van and generally will come with 2 secure mortice locks installed.

Loom guards can be used to stop a certain type of attack where wring looms can be cut in a specific place on some models which unlocks all the doors on the van. These are very 
effective at stopping anything from getting into the area needed to cut the wiring loom.

Barrel and handle plates can be fitted around the existing lock barrels and handles to prevent access to the barrel or internal locking mechanism. A lot of vans are simply opened by attacking the lock barrels or by going past the handle and lock barrel and straight into the internal central locking mechanisms.

Additional locks can have a huge benefit on your vans overall security. Van door deadlocks are fitted in different places on side and rear doors depending on the model of van. Many are now Thatcham approved as well offering maximum protection. Some have a deadbolt and some have hooks but both styles use a euro cylinder so a good quality euro cylinder should be used in conjunction with the deadlocks.
Click for more information on van deadlocks.

Believe it or not alarms don’t come standard on every type of van. If your van doesn’t have an alarm its worth considering an aftermarket system. There’s some amazing systems out there including alarms with proximity sensors so you will get an audible noise before anybody even touches the van.

Writing your name and address on your tools won’t prevent them being stolen but will make them more difficult to sell on. Also it gives a much higher chance of them being returned to you if found by the police.

Hopefully these tips might just help to prevent your tools being stolen in the future. As they say prevention is better than a cure!

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