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The Most Common UPVC Door Lock Problems

Posted by Ben Gatenby on Monday, April 29, 2019 Under: Advice

Due to the boom in upvc doors around 20 to 30 years ago they are now the most common type of door found on residential houses in Leeds. Over the past 10 years composite doors have grown massivly in popularity but at the moment based on what we see upvc are by far still the most comon. Composite doors still use the same type of locking mechanisms that upvc doors do however so everything in this post still really applies to both of these types of door.

There are numerous parts that make up the type of lock set up found on your upvc or composite door. Firstly the multi point locking mechanism, this is the bit in the edge of the door where the hooks and bolts are located. Then there's the actual handles that are used to operated the multi point lock and lastly the euro cylinder which sits through the handles and operates the locking and unlocking of the door by using the key

Here are the 3 most common faults we find in Leeds with Upvc and composite door locks.

Number 1, Door alignment.
Upvc and composite doors are usually fitted to quite a tight tolerance where the locking points are concerned. All those hooks and bolts have to line up perfectly with the locking points on the frame known as keeps. Doors can move out of alignment quite easily over the years and this can happen for a number of reasons. Here's a list of reasons your door can move out of alignment.

1. Door drops because of a bent/ broken hinge
2. Door expands due to heat
3, Door contacts becsue of cold weather.
4, frame fixings not tight which causes movement in the frame.
5, Packers beind door panells or door glass slip which pushes the door and frame out of square.
6, Movement in the brick at the side of the frame pushes the door out of square.

Usually door misalignment is easy to spot as the door will either become difficult to open and close or difficult to lock. Sometimes it could be both at the same time. As professional lockiths in Leeds we can always re align your doors and frames to make them open and close easily and lock smoothly just like the day they were first installed. Many of our customers don't realise how much they are having to force the door because it gets progressively worse over time. As soon as we realign it and they try it for the first time they then realise just how bad it had become.

Number 2,
Failed multi point locking systems are very common. They can fail in the open position leaving you unable to lock the door or they can fail in the locked position leavimg you unable to open the door. They can fail due to old age and wear and tear but more commonly they fail because of poor door alignment or poor maintanance. If the door and frame are out of line and you continue to force the handle up to lock the door it puts huge excess strain on the small moving parts inside the multi point lock systems and eventually something has got to give, usually shattering parts deep inside the lock mechanism. It's always better to have the door re aligned at the first signs of trouble as continued use will almost certainly cause the lock to fail. Door alignments are much cheaper than full mechanism replacements so the old saying is true provention is better than a cure. Also mechanisms should be oiled from time to time with a spray containing ptfe to keep them working smoothly. There are hundred of different makes and model of lock mechanism and we can supply and fit all makes and model for our customers in Leeds. If your lock mechanism is now obsolite we can always retro fit a modern alternative saving you the expense of a new door. When doors have failed in the locked position we can open them non destructivley with no damage to the door or the door frame.

Number 3, Euro cylinder failure.
The euro cylinder is a critical part of the locking system as this is the part that your key goes into and does the final locking and unlocking of the door once the handle is lifted. These can fail for a number of reasons. Inside there are tiny little springs which sit underneath the pins that your keys come into contact with. These springs can get weak and damaged over time from the amount of usage or a build up of dirt and debris inside the lock. Also badley copied keys can lead to premature failure of the euro cylinder. I would say the most common cause of euro cylinder failure is trying to force a key in from one side when there is aready a key in the other side of the lock. 99% of all euro cylinders are not designed to allow a key to be inserted from both sides at the same time. If your euro cylinder has failed in Leeds we can replace it for you. It's worth thinking about replacing them with a more up to date anti snap euro lock to combat the latest break in method through UPVC and composite doors.

We hope this article clearly explains why you might be having difficulty with your upvc or composite door. Feel free to contact us with your upvc and composite door locking issues in leeds. Visit our homepage for more information. 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds

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