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Which Anti Snap Lock Should I Buy?

Posted by 1st Defence Locksmiths Leeds on Thursday, March 8, 2018 Under: Advice
With so many anti snap locks now on the market how do you know which one to choose? A quick internet search will reveal many different makes and models with varying levels of security and lock snapping protection.

Here's our quick guide to the different standards and what they all mean.

British Standard Kite mark Only 

A euro cylinder which only has the British standard log engraved onto either the front face of the lock or the side of the lock doesn't mean its an anti snap lock. A euro lock with just a Kite mark means it has past a reliability and compliance test. We see a lot of people buying cylinders that carry the Kite mark and believe that these are anti snap locks.

British Standard Kite Mark With 1 Star

There's a huge amount of locks out there which are engraved with the British standard logo and a star engraved just above the logo. The star rating system is part of the more up to date British standard called TS007. This is a test which rates locks and additional security devices between 1 and 3 stars. Just to make this all a little bit more confusing than it already is a TS007 1 Star cylinder doesn't actually mean its anti snap either! The 1 star rating will be given to a cylinder which has passed the normal requirements for a kite mark but has failed in the lock snapping tests.

Its recommended that a door lock should comply to TS007 3 star as a minimum and this can be achieved in a few different ways. Additional security devices are also rated using the new star system. So for example a 1 star lock can be fitted with high security door handles which are rated 2 star. This would give an overall rating of 3 stars. Also some cylinder guards are  rated in the star system so a 1 star lock could also be fitted with a 2 star cylinder guard and it would still achieve the same 3 star rating.

TS007 3 Star

Some euro cylinders will be marked with the kite mark and 3 stars just above it. The 3 stars mean that the lock can be fitted with no additional security devices such as handles or guards and can achieve the 3 star rating as a stand alone item. The 3 star represents that the lock has met all the criteria for the kite mark and has also passed the lock snapping tests. 

SS312 Diamond Standard 

This test is by far the highest approval level for a euro cylinder. It includes the most rigorous tests and only the best of the best are certified as Sold Secure Diamond Standard. This test is carried out by the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA) in house at there purpose built facility. The tests are constantly updated to include all the most up to date known forms of attack on euro cylinders. At the time of writing this there is only 9 cylinders which currently carry the Sold Secure Diamond mark. Here's a link to all the current models which pass SS312 Diamond Standard.


In our opinion the obvious choice for an anti snap lock is a diamond standard cylinder. As already stated this is the highest possible test. As a bare minimum a TS007 3 star rating should be achieved by either fitting a stand alone 3 star cylinder or by making up the 3 star using a 1 star cylinder and additional 2 star security hardware. Most diamond standard locks will also carry the TS007 3 star rating as well meaning diamond standard will give you maximum protection and piece of mind. 

We fit anti snap locks in Leeds and the surrounding areas. We use Brisant Ultion SS312 Diamond Standard cylinders. You can see a review of the lock by clicking the link.

We hope this brief guide helps to clear up the confusion with the new lock standards for you. 

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